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Coaching with
Connection and Intention

 "And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom” - Anais Nin

Career Transition

Whether you are considering a major career shift or simply exploring a better job fit or corporate culture, it is helpful to have an objective sounding board and the benefit of someone with personal experience in career transitions. I guide women, including single moms and primary family earners,  through thoughtful and meaningful transitions.

Reviving Confidence

Often when things don't work out as we envisioned, it is challenging to find the confidence to pursue new ambitions. Fear, shame and blame show up at some of the most inconvenient times, like when our life is blowing up. I love to help women, especially in times of transition, build their muscle of confidence to try again.

Letting Go

Knowing when to let go of something you once thought you wanted - a career, a relationship, a community -  rarely comes without a period of second guessing your innate knowing. It is easy to stay on the path of keeping everyone else comfortable, even when you are longing for something more. I help women find freedom through letting go.

Libby, CA

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