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Meet Monica
creator connector collaborator

After years of research on the topic of leaving, I have come to appreciate the bends in my story, the same way I accept the curvature of scoliosis in my spine. I am uniquely imperfect.


My many episodes of leaving interrupted a plan, sent me sideways, backwards and forwards. They crafted my resilience and spirit.  Gifted me lessons on who I was and what I valued. Offered an avenue for what was next and an invitation for personal growth.

​The work to liberate myself from the pressure of what life was supposed to look like, shifted how I viewed the power of choice. The difference in owning a decision rather than allowing myself to go with the flow of circumstances and things I tolerated.


  • I am a woman in mid-life embracing the freedom of coming home to me

  • I am a writer and curator of stories about leaving and being left

  • I am a spouse, a mother of two sons, and a lover of nature, dogs, and humans

  • I welcome opportunities to blend my business experience and my gifts for ideation, connection and collaboration

  • I speak on topics like: leaving relationships, career transition, getting unstuck, the power of asking for what you want, letting go of the fear of hearing "no" and embracing the joy of not knowing

  • I support women through transition and in times of uncertainty

the power of grace
gifted to ourselves
a hug around the waist
does not require

the embrace
of another

Monica L Dillon


Contact Monica 

If you are interested in contacting me for a speaking inquiry, to learn more about the upcoming book, or to share your leaving story, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reaching out!

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